Development Staffing & Consulting Services 🚀

We're a team of techies, entrepreneurs, and innovators ready to augment your offering with our blockchain development services.

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Welcome to our lab 🧪

We're not just here to provide a developer service – we're here to help you take an idea, refine and craft it, and take it to new heights.

  • Software is our fuel

    From scaling the Alibaba and Sears marketplaces to creating sales automation tools at Slack, our team delight in building complex and scalable solutions.

  • Keep it entrepreneurial

    We don’t just aim to develop – we're a lab, after all! The entrepreneurial spirit keeps us looking for new ways to innovate and create unique value in every project.

  • Outcome-driven

    The needs of our partners and their end-users are our obsession. That’s why we keep communication open and simple and anticipate your every need to get the best results.

Part of the lab…

What's in the incubator? Check out our dedicated products and services in BYOK and NFTs.

  • Group 452
    Elasticsearch and BYOK

    Bespoke services and solutions for companies looking for expertise in Elastic Search and BYOK encryption.

  • Group 453
    NFTs for merchants and photographers

    Our platform designed to make it easy to create, manage, and sell NFTs from your own site.

It's a match! 💙

If you're looking to connect with a team who'll partner with you to create that *something special* that your business needs, get in touch with us. We look forward to learning more!

It’s what we do. 🙌

Have an idea to revolutionize the way you work? This is why we love partnering with companies and entrepreneurs – to find the right tech solution to keep them at the front of the wave.

  • For next-level growth

    Technical products and solutions for companies looking to boost revenue, engagement and more.

  • For top-class security

    Tailored blockchain solutions for non-tech companies to improve transparency, security and trust.

  • For fast-evolving crypto

    Crypto and NFT solutions including tokenomics visualization, community dashboards, and more. 

A snapshot into our work… 📸

Our partners are our pride. Take a look at some of our past work in brief…

  • Xinfin xdc network logo

    XinFin (XDC) Network

    Official development partners, developing solutions to augent and grow the XDC community in addition to tokenomics dashboards for the team. Watch this space!
  • Alibaba

    Alibaba Group

    Scaled marketplace to 10 billion SKUs, handling 470 million orders on Singles Day with single millisecond latency on each service call.
  • 3m logo


    Architected and deployed a scalable system for JFK, EWR and LaGuardia airports in addition to managing a $150m project for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.
  • Levis logo


    Implemented headless architecture to decouple from the SAP backend, build a social graph of customers for influencer relationships and optimized inventory for faster, cheaper shipping.
  • Bdc logo

    Created microservices from monolith apps for efficient deployment, migrated applications to cloud for security and created data lake and data marts for democratizing access to data.

Meet the team 👋

We're looking forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can support your business!

  • Profile smaller square
    Rohit Gandhe

    With over 15 years of cloud engineering experience, before starting Augmentor, Rohit was the Director of Engineering at Alibaba, Sr. Mgr at Sears, and a Principal Engineer at 3M. 

    He also has extensive experience in consulting, delighting in working with companies across the world and making complex development projects manageable!

  • Screen shot 2021 12 14 at 1.28.29 pm
    Frank Preve

    Frank has over a decade of experience in software and sales. He has previously worked as a key part of the sales team at Slack and Zuora, and co-founded Qualia's sales team. He's a whiz in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in tech and finding ways to leverage these in helping find the right solutions for our partners.

  • 1525354472861
    Ben Davies

    Ben has over a decade experience in Marketing, Product and UX, having worked at start-ups across Europe including Babbel, what3words and Klarna. He consults for entrepreneurs around the globe, helping to refine their product marketing strategies and find right combination of words to make their users smile.

  • Skanda
    Skanda Bhat

    Skanda has been involved in Web3 since 2016 and is currently building a decentralized and chain-agnostic oracle called Razor network. He helps web3 projects launch, by early-stage angel investment, or tech advising, or both.

    His other projects include Ardana and Moonbeam.

Got questions?

Have questions about our experience? Want to let us know more about a project you have in mind? We'll be more than happy to meet you!

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